Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Visibility on the top of search engines has been the most sought after position on the web for some time. Organic visits have been proven to be among the highest quality traffic. Design ME Marketing is the SEO Company entrusted to deliver on-page and off-page search engine optimization efforts that get results.
Many web marketing companies claim to do SEO, but real Search Engine Optimization efforts are a more involved process than they are willing to commit. Too often, companies charge a lot of money for incomplete efforts. In return, you may get ranked for a few things within the first year of service (maybe), but is it for keywords that get results? Let’s face it, first page rankings are not the end of the story. You likely want traffic that is targeted enough to convert. Design ME has a team solely dedicated to performing EVERY necessary step to ensure organic success. How do we do this?

Our efforts include complete keyword research, full content management, strategic back-linking, directory optimization, onsite conversion strategies, and the best reporting and consultation available.

Don’t trust this vital part of your inbound marketing strategy to just anyone. Design ME Marketing has the track record and the expertise to help you dominate the top of search engines for keywords that with drive traffic that builds your business.

Complete Campaign Visibility

One of the biggest concerns we hear from prospective clients is that they had previously invested in SEO campaigns without seeing any tangible results. Many say that with previous providers, they were unclear as to the ongoing strategy or if it was working. With Design ME Marketing, you will never be in the dark as to the status of your campaign. Your success will be a collaborative effort where we do all of the hard work, yet you have full visibility. Every week your Design ME Marketing dashboard gets updated giving you access to in-depth, easy to understand, reporting. Still, we do not leave you to guess at the effectiveness of the campaign. You or your marketing team can schedule a monthly call with your campaign manager. It is on this call, that we will discuss the status of your campaign, gain important feedback from you, adjust, evolve, and win. Consider us as your SEO team, dedicated to driving success in search engine rankings and organic traffic.

Organic Success

The SEO Experts at Design ME will implement the latest strategies and best practices necessary to drive long term success on the world’s most powerful marketing platform – Search Engines!

What To Expect

Our process is thorough. The Design ME SEO team takes every step to ensure that due diligence early in the process expedites the success of your campaign. Here are the steps you can look forward to:


Campaign Setup Month 1

Right away, we begin to lay the foundations for success. Collaborative discussions around goals, keywords, and the competition will lead to extensive research that will form our campaign. Your input is important but our team does all the heavy lifting.


Strategy Implementation Month 1

All of our research is used to implement the right strategy. Depending upon your package, this can include efforts such as web development, content creation, focus keyword implementation, directory optimization, and more.


SEO Campaign Launch Month 1

It’s “go-time”! All the important factors are in place and we begin the ongoing efforts. This includes kicking off strategic back linking efforts. Strategic back linking raises your domain authority and will help us secure the top spots for valuable focus keywords.


Q1 Success Month 1 – 3

The first 3 months of SEO will tell us a lot. You will begin to receive ongoing reporting and monthly consultation. Our success indicators will revolve around 2 factors, increased organic traffic and organic keyword rankings. An increase in leads is possible.


Q1 Success Month 1 – 3

By Q4, you and your team have realized that SEO actually does work! Collaborating with the Design ME Team, we look to expand visibility, grow in our keyword rankings, and maximize every bit of the high-quality traffic you are receiving.


Q3 Success Month 6 – 9

It’s starting to get fun! Your company is benefitting from the increase in organic traffic. Because the back-linking and ongoing efforts have really kicked in, we are ranking for even secondary keywords. More hits, higher rankings, and a focus on site conversion mean more revenue.


Q2 Success Month 3 – 6

The 2nd Quarter of SEO efforts is often where we hit a really good stride. The gains from Q1 have maintained and increased. We are starting to penetrate the top pages for our focus keywords. Further increase in organic traffic, keyword rankings, and even more inquiries are expected.

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