4C Process

The Prescription
for Success

The BRANDEMIC diagnostic process helps bring clarity to complex brand and business challenges to your team, across all functions.

An objective partner with no hidden agenda helps eliminate wishful thinking, allowing your team to focus on the critical issues facing your business

It takes creativity, uniquely geared to your company, to generate lasting brand equity in a commoditized consumer product world.

The customer is in control and has demands like never before. They don’t want to be sold to, but they do want to buy the things that they wan and need with a minimum of friction. Today, they have the tools to do that on their own terms when, where and how they prefer. The BRANDEMIC process helps teams navigate this new reality.

PLANNING Strategic Brand Planning

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All the information that we agree on will be used to create, 1) a Brand Bible which outlines your brand’s Mission/Vision, Brand Essence and Core Customer Profile and, 2) a concise Brand Brief to build a relevant, compelling, 

 differentiated and sustainable Brand Positioning/Brand Filter between your business objectives and your internal/external creative resources and other business partners.

Mapping Customer Journey Mapping

Document your brand through the eyes of your customers. Build your digital and physical toolkit for the most efficient 

acquisition and retention of customers in order to build loyalty and increase lifetime customer value.

Activation Brand Activation

Work directly with your internal staff and external agencies and business partners to help manage specific projects in order to activate your brand 

with clarity, focus and conviction.


Build an internal team of brand champions through participatory training sessions that explain to all employees what the brand is and their role in living the brand across all functions.

This will help managers put the right talent behind the right projects and get the most out of your team. This internal brand alignment is where many companies let down themselves and their customers.


Help you locate, review, hire and manage resources such as internal Marketing, Product Design/Development, Graphic Design and Sales staff and external advertising,

public relations, web/e-commerce, packaging design and retail store design firms.


Companies come in many different shapes and sizes and levels of complexity, based their evolutionary stage within their market. We are a custom shop…our services can be employed in a variety of ways, involving as many team members as needed, in order to drive cross-departmental alignment and success.

Strategic Brand Planning

Where we tackle the biggest challenges facing your business.

Articulate compelling, sustainable Mission/Vision

What do you do? Who do you do it for? Why do you do it? How do you intend to win in your market? When every single employee can answer those questions clearly, you have taken the first big step towards building a powerful brand.

Clarify Brand Essence/ Brand Identity and Positioning

We must answer why you exist before we can determine what you will do or how you will do it. The answer to why helps answer every other question you have.

Identify Target Customers

If you try to serve everyone, you’ll serve no one. This part is easy to say, but hard to do. Together we’ll make the difficult choices on where to focus

Team Alignmen

Determine where to go and the path to take you there.


Client Satisfaction

Every consulting engagement has earned client loyalty and positive future referrals


Retention Rate

The large majority of brand workshops have led to long-term* engagements (*6 months up to 3 years)

$25B +

Revenues Driven

Effective brand strategies and marketing executions resulted in almost $30 billion in sales during tenure


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