The Law Office of Joshua Spitalnik, P.C.

The Law Office of Joshua Spitalnik, P.C.

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The Law Office of Joshua Spitalnik, P.C.


5 Terrace Ct.,
Port Washington, NY 11050





Joshua Spitalnik

Josh Spitalnik has over a decade of experience practicing construction and commercial law, representing a wide variety of clients mostly connected to the construction industry. His knowledge of building allows him to understand his clients and the potential difficulties associated with their businesses and needs; he proactively take steps to avoid litigation. He believes that the best time to retain a lawyer is before you need one. Josh believes that in any lawsuit the lawyer who knows the most about the case is in the best position to succeed. Rather than focus on a case’s strengths, Josh spends the majority of his time addressing potential weaknesses in order to minimize the potential impact.

Josh received his Bachelors of Science in Human Development from Cornell University, which included the study of psychology and sociology. This background helps to shape his view as a “counselor” at law, which he takes very seriously.