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Do you have bad credit? Less than perfect credit can be a major hindrance to your life goals.  It can stop you from getting that auto loan, lease, or new home.  In some instances, it could even prohibit you from gaining employment!  Today is the day to start fighting back and recovering your reputation.  We can help. 

Imagine not having to worry and with more options due to better credit and accomplishing more. Credit Score Doctor can help you take your credit score into your own hands! We have developed a proven step by step process accompanied by the right tools and support.

You don’t have to do this alone. From our downloadable, professionally written, letters to hands-on efforts from our highly skilled staff, the days of the burden of bad credit could soon be over. 

Let us help you cure that score.

What’s Happening

With Your Credit

Behind The Scenes

We can help you take charge of your credit!

The credit bureaus make it almost impossible to understand the ins and outs of good credit.  Do you sometimes feel frustrated trying to manage and improve your credit on your own? Most people do. It is because the credit system is flawed and most reports have multiple errors. So sometimes, it almost seems like you’ll never be able to improve your credit and do not know where to start.

But, that is where Credit Score Doctor comes in. Imagine a place where you have unlimited access to letters written by tax experts? The law gives you rights to dispute any of these errors, and we provide the letters that you can send to any Bureau for any situation.

Want more information?  Watch our informative videos to show you what is happening with your credit behind the scenes.


Important Facts

Check Out These Statistics. WOW! No wonder why you need the Credit Score Doctor Today!


Of Adults Never Check Their Credit


Of The US Population has a FICO Score Less Than 550


Of Adults Have Not Checked Their Credit In The Last 12 months


Of Americans Don’t Know Their Credit Score


Of Americans have errors on their Credit Report and don’t even know it.


Of Americans fell into the “good” credit score range. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

How are we different? We have hundreds of highly satisfied customers, and our stats show that we are the best in the business. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get in touch.






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