Where SEO Companies Go Wrong

Launching an SEO campaign alone doesn’t guarantee success. We believe it requires far more effort and talent than most agencies are willing to commit. Ultimately, businesses waste valuable time and resources after hiring an SEO consultant who didn’t deliver over the long term.

Ranking content on page one is only the beginning of the journey, not the end. But in our experience, too many campaigns slow down at the first signs of progress instead of delving deeper into SEO’s nuances.nd

At first, an SEO campaign may seem like it’s producing actual results, but rankings plummet and bring organic search traffic down with it as time goes on. So what went wrong? How can companies make better use of SEO tactics to rank consistently for high-value keywords?

There’s no debating the value that organic search traffic provides a brand. Companies that publish SEO-friendly content outperform their competitor’s content by magnitudes, and consultants use this fact as a selling proposition for their services.

An initial chat may outline an SEO strategy’s basic process, but it usually doesn’t include any long-term planning – or a commitment to accountability.

After several months, it’s challenging to receive a straight answer on whether or not the campaign is working as promised. There’s hardly any visibility into the campaign, if any at all, which leaves businesses in the dark and questioning their decision to entrust such a valuable asset to someone without deep expertise.

We believe SEO consultants should be accountable to their clients, providing regular updates on key metrics and the campaign’s effectiveness overall. That’s what makes us unique among digital marketing agencies: we’re accountable and transparent at every stage of the process, unlike other SEO consultants. It doesn’t matter if you are a national brand, a non-profit, a contractorlocal plumber or a restaurant. We have the right SEO package for you. 

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Design ME Marketing's Award Winning SEO Services

At Design ME Marketing, never leave our clients in the dark because we provide them with an online dashboard with weekly, easy-to-understand reports, so there’s no second-guessing whether our efforts are worth the investment. Our services include on-page and off-page SEO, but we don’t stop there.

Design ME is located in Long Island and are a full-scale web design and digital marketing agency that strongly believes in SEO’s long-term value to a company. Successful SEO relies on agility and planning to maintain a steady pace of content publishing while still analyzing the results for opportunities to improve content quality.

Our SEO methods include services, such as:

  • Research on competitors
  • Keyword analysis
  • Website design
  • Content auditing
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Backlinking
  • Collaborative discussions

Search Engine Optimization Success

The SEO Experts at Design ME will implement the latest strategies to drive long term success on the world’s most powerful marketing platform – Search Engines!

What To Expect

Our process is thorough. The Design ME team takes every step to ensure the success of your campaign. Here are the steps you can look forward to:


Planning For Success

We begin by scheduling a monthly call with a campaign manager. On this call, we'll give brief updates on the SEO campaign's status, including feedback and recommendations. Afterward, we'll send monthly email updates in addition to our call.

search engine optimization set up


Campaign Setup Month 1

Setting Up The Campaign

We start laying the foundation for success right away, and we'll engage in collaborative discussions about business goals, potential keywords, and competitors too. Our client's input during the initial setup is vital, but in the end, we'll do all the heavy lifting once we have all the information we need.


Implementing the Strategy

We implement our SEO strategies based on data and research, not guesswork and gut feelings like other consultants. Depending upon the services package, this research may include: Web development Content creation Focus keyword implementation Directory optimization Then....we launch!

SEO Campaign Launch Month 1


SEO Campaign Launch Month 1

Launching the Strategy

Once all of the most critical information is in place, we launch the campaign and keep the momentum going with careful monitoring. That includes kicking off any strategic back-linking efforts since off-page SEO raises a brand's domain authority, helping it secure the top rank on Google for high-value keywords and phrases.

The first three months always tell us a lot about whether or not the strategy is viable, so this time is when our clients will start to receive ongoing reports and monthly consultations with our experts. At a minimum, we measure SEO success based on two factors: increased organic search traffic and organic keyword rankings.


Measuring Success

During the six to nine-month period, the SEO campaigns we implement will benefit the business on all fronts. By collaborating with the Design ME Team, our clients can grow their SEO keyword rankings even further, maximizing every bit of high-quality traffic. Smart decisions during the planning process ultimately lead to web traffic that seems to keep increasing.

But without our SEO services, brands won't be able to maintain that traffic level for long before reverting to square one. By the end of year one, our clients constantly outrank their competitors for high-volume, high-value search terms.

Undeniable Q1 Success


Undeniable Q1 Success

Optimizing Campaign

At Design ME Marketing, we don't stop when our clients start to see tangible results. In the years to come, we'll help a brand grow into an authority. Organic web traffic produces a steady flow of qualified leads and bolster's a company's image online. We roll up our sleeves every day to find ways to convert website visitors and increase business revenue step-by-step.

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