Website Design

Noonday is an Atlanta based non-profit who aims to gather faith-based organizations around charitable and philanthropic initiatives within the community.  They also provide marketing material for churches and charities.

The Project

Noonday was growing as an organization.  On the ground, Atlanta’s faith-based organizations were collaborating and doing some amazing things in the community.  It was time to invest in their website and create a central, directory-driven hub where visitors can learn more about the organization’s mission and get contact information for active members.

The Solution

  • WordPress Website
  • Online Directory Directory with Google Maps API
  • Events Calendar

The Results

Our Design ME team helped the Noonday troops pick a great color palette using orange as a predominant color.  Orange generally represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.  It also lends to the sensation of joy and happiness.  The color married nicely with the hints of gray/blue and the hints of plum in their logo.

Aside from looking great, the site was equipped with a church locator that was integrated with an API to Google Maps.  We strategically placed call -to-action points throughout the site to drive engagement.

The Noonday team loved the process and the end result.  We love helping organizations that make an impact in the local community.

screencapture noondaynet org 2020 07 20 14 20 44