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The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer

Whether or not your company has a Chief Digital Officer (CDO), I see three bright outcomes for those… forward-thinking organizations that formalize an inclusive digital marketing strategy.

Marketing Will Be More Nimble

The intersection of marketing and technology (using cloud-based solutions) will allow the marketing team to move faster and innovate quicker.  Branding and marketing can’t exist today without a thoughtful digital experience. Today’s data-driven CMO’s are looking for ways to measure their advertising spend, analyze their marketing program results and create timely and relevant messages for their audience. To do this, the CMO and CIO blend to create a CDO role.

One-Size-Fits-All Marketing Will Be Obselete

Integrating IT capabilities with a marketing approach will allow for a better understanding of the customer. This will translate into the ability to deliver a personalized marketing experience and enable differentiating services across several channels of customer interactions. According to an Accenture survey reported by Forbes, 91% of customers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.

CIOs Will Help Bridge the Technology Knowledge Gap

CIOs will help bridge the technology knowledge gap that exists today within the marketing function.  CIOs have become astute in the fine art of negotiating better pricing, selecting suitable partners, and managing the deployment and overall relationships of these partners across an enterprise. They have a desire and an obligation to play a large part in helping to shape the customer experience from a digital perspective. For example, take Amazon GO’s checkout-free shopper experience. By relying on much more than one discrete technology such as mobility, it provides an example of how Amazon is using deep learning, in combination with other technologies such as computer vision and sensor fusion, to delight their customers with unique shopping experiences.

With the digital disruption impacting every industry and every customer, the synergistic relationship between the CIO and CMO is a critical focal point for companies who want to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Closing the gap between these two roles will have a direct and positive effect on customer engagement and the internal workings of the organization.

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