Say GOODBYE to Cat & Dog Potty Accidents!

T.E.O.S. is more than a spray solution.  It is a complete system that puts an end to both your #1 and #2 problems!

What is T.E.O.S.?

The first thing you need to know about T.E.O.S. The Potty Solution is that this product IS NOT a spray to cover up the smell of your pets potty accidents. 

T.E.O.S. The Potty Solution is a complete training system with a formula that STOPS your pets & any other animals from having potty challenges in unwanted areas in the first place.

This revolutionary product has equipped & empowered pet owners to resolve some of the most difficult CAT & DOG potty challenges in existence.

T.E.O.S. is unlike anything you’ve experienced before and it works! 

Don’t give up!  There is hope for you, your pet, and a potty-free house!

Use T.E.O.S. for the following challenges:

How T.E.O.S started...

From my kitchen to homes throughout America!

T.E.O.S. was created by pet whisperer Daniele Largo.  She has worked with pet owners for years transforming the behavior of dogs and cats, enhancing the quality of life for all her clients. 

Many of their homes were being totally destroyed by potty accidents of all forms and they were at their wits end of what to do.  Maybe you can relate!

They were exhausted, frustrated and felt completely helpless from trying everything available on the market, internet research and didn’t know what else to do.

This formula in many of these cases has saved pets homes and re-trained them to a new behavior. Needless to say the fame of T.E.O.S. The Potty Solution has spread and created the growing, thriving pet community of 8,000 and growing that I have today.

Daniele is now excited and ready to share this awesome formula with the world!

Why T.E.O.S. works?

Wherever TEOS is sprayed it communicates a NO POTTY ZONE to your pet or trespassing animal. This amazing product has been created to be safe and natural, but also possesses  ingredients that clearly communicates that the treated area is off limits to your dog or cat.   

T.E.O.S. works because it was created not by a consumer goods company, but a pet whisperer with decades of success in guiding pet behavior.  Not only do you get a product, but also a proven system with resources and continued support.  We are committed to making your home free from potty accidents, for good!

Training/Instructional Pamphlet that accompanies each bottle of TEOS will show you how, when, where & how long to spray the formula to re-train your pets behavior and stop them from having potty accidents.